Garden Isle Divers

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Kauai Dive Sites

We dive all the scuba sites on Kauai that are accessible by boat and are worth the time to go to. Daily site selections are made based on the skill and interests of the divers we have onboard. We combine those interests with the current weather conditions to deliver the best underwater experience possible!

Ambers Arches

Depth: 40-78 ft.

Deep Pinnacle

Depth: 100+ ft.

Hale O Honu

Depth: 20-65 ft.

Shawna’s Shelf

Depth: 40-80 ft.

Beach House Arch

Depth: 35-70 ft.

Fast Lanes

Depth: 45-90 ft.

Harbor Ledge

Depth: 40-65 ft.

Sheraton Caverns

Depth: 35-70 ft.

Brennecke’s Ledge

Depth: 60-100 ft.

Fish Bowl

Depth: 45-95 ft.

Ice Box

Depth: 60-90 ft.

Three Fingers

Depth: 25-75 ft.

Camp 1

Depth: 15-60 ft.

General Store

Depth: 45-100 ft.

Salt Pond Arch

Depth: 40-70 ft.

Turtle Bluffs

Depth: 45-95 ft.