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Shore Dive Kauai

Shore diving Kauai is one of the best ways to guarantee your time here is never forgotten. Our expert intructors can accommodate all levels of experience, from the first time “introductory diver” to the card carrying “salty dog”.

Boat Dive Kauai

Kauai’s best boat dives are done from Garden Isle Diver’s boat. Our two tank scuba dives never have more than six people and remain the most popular diving experience available.

Scuba Training

Garden Isle Divers is proud to offer a full range of PADI dive certifications so we can meet your needs as a novice or growing diver. Rest assured knowing that your PADI certification is by far the most recognizable dive credential on the planet.
If scuba diving has always been a dream of yours, you’re in the right place! We will help your dreams come true by opening the wonderful underwater world of Kauai!

Kauai Scuba Diving

Aloha and welcome to Garden Isle Divers where we specialize in underwater fun and adventure! Garden Isle Divers offers small group scuba diving tours guided by our highly trained and experienced instructors. Because our group sizes are never more than six, we can promise individualized attention while we explore the beautiful underwater world of Kauai’s coral reefs. Whether it’s scuba dives from shore or Kauai’s best boat dives, when you scuba dive Kauai with us you can never be lost in the crowd. This is Kauai scuba diving at it’s finest! Here are some ways we can help you make your vacation to Kauai unforgettable:
➾ Private boat charters

➾ Group boat charters

Private guided shore dives

➾ Small group guided shore dives

➾ Full range of PADI training from Open Water through Divemaster

➾ No need to be certified!

Kauai Boat Scuba Dives

Our private boat dive charters are a smash hit with visitors to Kauai. When you book a private scuba dive tour it’s all about you! Your day will be tailored to your specific interests and experience levels. So, instead of getting stuck diving a site that everybody but you wants to see, it’s only you we have to please. Whether it’s scuba diving, snorkeling, or simply enjoying a day on the water, we can deliver one of the most rewarding experiences of your vacation to Kauai because Kauai’s true beauty can only be seen underwater. Contact Us today or click on the “Book Now” button to start the adventure.

Small Groups

Our group boat dive charters never include more than six passengers! Because of this you will never be ignored or have to struggle for a chance to get a close look at the turtles or any of the other amazing creatures we are privileged to experience while exploring Kauai underwater.

rainbow pre dive

Kauai Shore Scuba Dives

Certified scuba divers will have a great time on this casual and easy dive day.  Entry and exit is simple and depths are relatively shallow which makes for nice long dives.  But don’t let the easy nature of this site fool you!  Koloa Landing is one of Kauai’s best scuba dive sites thanks to the richness and diversity of the marine life.  Turtles are common and you’ll also see many eels and a wide variety of tropical fish.

Non-Certified Divers

Don’t let the fact that you, or a family member/friend, aren’t certified keep you from living the adventure because everyone deserves a good time. Our highly trained and experienced professional dive instructors will guide you through the short and simple learning process needed to ensure your success while on the greatest adventure you’ve experienced – shore diving Kauai. Introductory and certified scuba divers are never placed together unless they are in the same group and wish to share the adventure!


Kauai Scuba Dive Training

Want to travel and explore the world? Live a life of breathtaking adventure? Know firsthand the incredible beauty of the underwater world but you aren’t scuba certified? We can help you fix that! Visit our Training page to learn more. How about earn a more advanced level of scuba certification or train for a dive specialty? Garden Isle Divers will help you achieve your dreams! Instead of scheduling regular classes, we offer training “on demand”. Let us know what your goals are and we will create a program just for you.

Kauai is well known for its lush beauty but few people get to experience first-hand how that incredible scenery extends to the reefs that surround the island. If you are planning a trip to Kauai, plan on spending a morning with us scuba diving and exploring the vibrant reef that surrounds this unique and special place. Whether you prefer the casual and relaxing nature of a shore dive or the great possibilities offered by a boat dive, let us get you underwater and show you why we love diving Kauai – The Garden Isle.