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Hale O Honu

Depth: 20-65 ft.


Hale O Honu is Hawaiian for “House of Turtle”. Take a guess what you might see here! This site is a huge coral reef that contains possibly the most active turtle cleaning station on Kauai. The reef is large enough that we can do several dives here without ever covering the same ground. This is one of our favorite dive sites! We pretty much always see turtles, both on the surface and underwater. We also frequently see endemic Hawaiian Lionfish and White Tip reef sharks at this site. There is, of course, never a guarantee of what we will, or won’t, see. But, we do guarantee we’ll see lot’s of cool stuff because this site has so much to offer.

White tip sharks are spotted at this excellent dive site more often than not! The following video shows one that we found out in the open on a day when the water was far less clear than normal.

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