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Deep Pinnacle

Depth: 100+ ft.


Advanced with deep dive experience only.

The Deep Pinnacle is exactly as it says – DEEP! A tower of rock rises over 200 feet from the seafloor and culminates in an area not much bigger than a basketball court at about 100ft. Get ready to be amazed at this dive site and its massive black coral forest with some trees reaching well over 8 feet in diameter. Schools of big-eye jacks frequently show up at this dive site in large numbers. Resident grey and galapagos sharks are often present as well.

Experience in deep diving required, so bring your log books. If you wish to gain experience in deep diving and get your “Deep Diver” specialty rating with Garden Isle Divers, this dive can be offered with a maximum allowed depth of 130ft.

Because of the depth and specialized skills required, this site is typically only available to private charters. Contact us to arrange a charter.

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