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Brennecke’s Ledge

Depth: 60-100 ft.


Brennecke’s Ledge is one of the furthest sites from the harbor and is located near the east end of the south side dive sites. It is frequently done as a drift. Sometimes it even turns into a drift while we’re in the water!
Because of the distance and the unpredictable currents, we don’t visit this site very often. When we do make the trip to this site, boy is it worth it! This site is one of the best there is on Kauai, but it’s not for everyone. Your best chance of diving this site is by booking one of our private charters.

The feature that makes this dive site special is the ledge that starts at about 60 feet. Under the ledge is a large overhang that provides shelter and hunting grounds for all kinds of critters.

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