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Jan 3, 2018 | drone, video | 0 comments

It would be fair to say that scuba diving is not for everybody.  Some people don’t really want to while others can’t do it even if they want to.  One of my best friends from California wants to be a diver but he has a problem with his left ear which prevents him from being able to equalize the pressure as he descends.  Because of this he can’t get deeper than about 7 feet so diving will never be a part of his life regardless of his desire.  He loves to snorkel, though, and has told me that he really wishes he could have the experience of being down below where the fish are.

Well it’s time to get excited!  Being physically unable to dive or being afraid no longer means you can’t enjoy the incredible experience of exploring the underwater world.

image of the power ray underwater drone

Power Ray Drone

That, my friends, is a Power Ray underwater drone.  It is made by the Power Vision company and it is the first underwater drone you can afford that is capable of shooting 4K video.  It is also capable of shooting lower resolution video, of course, but with it’s huge onboard memory there is just no reason to record lower quality.  It also takes still shots at 12 megapixels.

I’m going to skip the detailed description of it’s full capabilities because I like to keep my posts short.  If I really got started then I’m not sure I’d know where to stop.  So, I’m going to just post a link to the Power Vision site so you can go and learn more about this super cool new tool.

P.S.  All underwater footage shown in the video above was filmed using the Power Ray drone.  I can verify this since I was there and did most of the filming myself!