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There be dragons here

Oct 17, 2017 | eels, koloa landing, video | 0 comments

Dragons, as most people understand them, are mythical creatures – huge fire breathing reptiles that can fly and sometimes even speak human language. That idea is nonsense but dragons do exist!

image of A Small Dragon Moray

A Small Dragon Moray

According to the Maui Ocean Center, there are 42 species of eel that can be found in Hawaii. According to everybody who knows their eels, the Dragon is the most exciting. I had a client recently who came here from Zurich, Switzerland hoping to see “the Holy Grail of eels.” Smart move on his part coming to Kauai because our local dive site, Koloa Landing, is famously popular for the great chance of finding one.

image of a dragon moray

Adult Dragon Moray Eel

Dragons can grow up to three feet long and are skilled predators of fish and octopus.  They have nostril tubes at the tip of their snout and a second pair above their eyes that look like horns.  The “horns”, together with a curved mouth and needle sharp teeth make the Dragon Moray appear ferocious.  In reality, if you keep your hands to yourself you are completely safe.  That is a lesson that we, as divers, should apply to all creatures on the reef – keep your hands to yourself.